Saturday, January 22, 2011

What was I thinking ...

Next up in the crazy swapping life I am leading is the Spicing up the kitchen swap. Not that I have finished the other two, but I am getting pretty close on the other ones.

So .. I had this great idea to make a table runner. But, why didn't anyone tell me that teeny tiny squares are a really bad idea?? Not only is it an incredible amount of cutting and piecing. But you burn your fingers when you try and iron them!

Anyway - they don't look too bad when you look from a distance.


... but up close they are a bit of a disaster.

What was I thinking ....

So now, I have to make a decision. Do I bail on this idea, and start with a fresh idea for a table runner. OR, do I stay with it and finish this off. My worry is that if I stay with it, I won't be proud to send it to my partner. Any advice would be welcome : )

I am going to walk away for today, and either continue with the madness tomorrow, or start fresh. I'll let you know ...


  1. Could you use something on the back of the net blocks to help you piece. Maybe paper piece altogether? Sorry if I am not anywhere close to what you are envisioning.

  2. hmm.. the design idea is pretty awesome. I don't know how to save it. I would say the same as Sara, maybe paper piece it? Maybe if you re-draw the design with larger pieces instead of HST's? good luck!

  3. If you're not happy to send this off then start afresh. I've discovered fixing things up is morally and creatively draining and the time you use doing it you could be starting/finishing something you do like. It's a great pattern but you may need more experience before you try it again and then it will be easier. I suggest to put this with your WIP and start a new table runner.

  4. I would probably bail on this. BUT I would save this and use it on the back of a quilt I make for myself - unless seeing it will bother you. As for me, I think it has a "primitive/Modern" charm. I like it.. but then I am weird that way.