Friday, October 29, 2010

hemming a pair of jeans near killed me ....

My husband asked me really nicely if I would hem a pair of jeans for him. I said sure, I should be able to do that!

I think he asked me 3 weeks ago, and for some reason I was scared (it may have had something to do with the last time I tried to hem a pair of jeans).
Anyway, about 3 days ago, I started by measuring the length, then I cut carefully, ironed and pinned again .. then the adventure began.
To make a long story short, I broke 3 needles, ripped it out about 4 times and let them sit for 3 days before I defeated them! I have successfully hemmed, and I hope I never hem again.

Now, on to something better ... I received my Savvy Seasons Swap Present!!!

I went to the post office to pick up the mail ... and low and behold there was a package for me!!! A package that looked suspiciously like something that may be a handmade item??? I thought to myself ... could it be?????

To be honest, I could barely contain myself ... I wanted to rip open the package in the parking lot with my teeth. It was a probably a good thing that there was sooo much tape on it!! It made me race home and frantically take pictures before destroying the package. I used brute strength, and some teeth, and then finally grabbed some scissors to wrestle the package open. I paused briefly to take a picture of a great ornament and wrapping job.

awww ... look how nice it's wrapped!!

I read the note quickly, because my mom always told me that it was rude if you ripped the wrapping off first, then I tore off the wrapping paper like a 3 year old (little bits may have been flying into the air).

There were some giggles, some girly hand clapping, and even a little squeek, when I saw what was inside.

LOOK AT MY PLACEMATS!!!! (look - don't touch : ) they are all mine)

I am super pleased with everything, and want to send out a huge THANKS to my swap partner!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

some sneek peeks

So much of what I have been working on lately, is for semi secret swaps. Semi-secret because I know who my partner is, and they know who I am. We chat about likes and dislikes, and can show sneek peeks - but the final product can't be revealed until the partner receives the goods. This way there is an element of surprise involved.

So ... since I can't show you the whole thing, here are some peeks.


and here is the other side : )

some sneek peeks : )

sneek peek : )

I am almost ready to mail them off ... so in a couple of weeks, once they reach their destination - I will show you the goods.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Creative Festival

I went to the Creative Festival in Toronto last night. It's a yearly fall event at the Convention Centre that has supplies for Quilting, beading, scrapbooking and stamping. I am sure there are other things too = but you get the idea.

They have lots of vendors, and I went to "look" around. Of course I couldn't leave without a few purchases.





I have been doing lots of little projects for swapping, but since they are semi secret swaps - I can't show you!! We are matched with partners, and can chat amongst ourselves and show sneek peeks - but can't show the finished product until it has been received.

Other than that, I did start this last night. It's going to be a pincushion. As you can see - I still have lots of handstitching to do. I am really slow at handstitching, but I really enjoy it!


Monday, October 18, 2010

More finishes!!!

I have finished up my potholders and the ornament to go along with them for the potholder pass.


After all my anxiety about the hand embroidered one, I actually really like it! I suppose I just needed to walk away for a bit after all! Hopefully my secret partner will love it.

I also have a little picture I can share now. As part of the Savvy seasons swap where I sent off the placemats, I also included a little scottie dog (pattern is free from the Denyse Schmidt website). I was nervous to share it before, just in case my secret partner happened by my blog (doubtful, but you never know!!). She has a thing for scottie dogs, and I wanted it to be a super fun surprise.


Next up, I have more placemats to finish for a not so secret swap (so I can't show pictures until my partner receives them), and two little mug rugs ... then another pillow swap!! Kinda overcommitted, but LOVING every second.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

phew ... it's been a busy couple of days!

Wow! The last 4 days have flown by in a crazy flurry of activity. It was Thanksgiving weekend in Canada - so we spent the weekend with family and doing some serious overeating. WHY do I do that to myself every single time??

Anyway - I did not get tons done on the sewing front, but I did finish up the baby quilt.


She LOVED it! Yippee!! I don't know about you, but I always get sooooo nervous when I give something that I made to people. I wonder if they will really like it, or just pretend so they don't hurt my feelings. Anyway, it's not huge - only about 45" squarish (I know that's not a word but I like adding "ish"), and I am pretty happy with the end result. I also love that I used up a whole bunch of scraps!

I got the potholders for the potholder swap closer to done too. I just have to sew the bindings down.


Have a great day!! And Happy late Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians out there!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

baby quilt in a day ...

Well, not quite a day! But close!

My kids attend a before and after school program. Since both my husband and I work, it's a necessity as we can't really leave them to fend for themselves at 7 and 9.

So the wonderful Amy who takes care of our kids, is about to start a new adventure into mommyhood. She is due to have her first little angel on October 25th. Silly me thinking I had lots of time to make this little boy a quilt, suddenly realized TODAY is her last day at work!! So I frantically started making a quilt. It's not done, but it's close.

I based the quilt on the tutorial for a pillow by Elizabeth at Oh Frannson!

I had lots of scraps left over from another project, so I didn't even have to buy fabric ... and here is a little sneak peak.



I'll post more pictures when it's done ...

I have to get back to it ... only a few hours to go!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Did I tell you I joined a potholder swap?? I think I did. Anyway, I started working on a potholder this weekend.

When I first started, I thought I had this fabulous idea ... and when I started, I really liked it = but then it didn't really look at all like what I had imagined. Does that ever happen to you??

start of a potholder??

In fact - I really kinda hated it. But, since it took a little bit of time to do the hand stiching, I figured I may as well continue on ...


Now, it looks a little better, and I don't hate it anymore ... but I am still not really sure. I think I need to walk away from it for a bit. Sometimes that makes you like it again : )