Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Have you read this yet .. well you need to

This family has been through so much. It made me cry, and it will make you cry too. It made me think about lots of things ...

Fun new fabric

As I am sure many people can relate ... I have a serious fabric obsession. I sometimes can't help but purchase it!! If only the budget was limitless.

I also love reading other people's blogs, and today I came across some really fun fabric that I just had to order. It's from a lady who's blog is called The Silly BooDilly. I will try to post a link ...

The Silly BooDilly

(I can't believe that worked)

Anyway, she has some original fabric of her own design from Spoonflower. That might just be the coolest thing ever. I may just have to try that one day. Not now, but one day.

So anyway, I ordered some ... since I am so new at this whole blog thing = I am not sure how - or even if I am allowed to post pictures from her blog. Maybe I will figure it out one day. If you look through her blog - I ordered the blue bells and the orange grove. She shows pictures in a post on October 23, 2009. Very cool!!!

ta ta for now,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Grocery bags for Christmas

Okay ... so I have been a busy little bee ... but without making excuses, this blogging thing is going to be a "when I get a chance kinda thing". I can't believe how many people out there are so dedicated. Where do you find the time ????

Anyway ... Sew mama sew, has a little contest going on. Some really nice prizes, and all you have to do it make and give away at least 5 grocery bags. You should really go over and check out the site, and if you have any time, whip up a few bags.

I made some "paper bag" totes from Oh Fransson! They were very easy to make, and I will be using them instead of wrapping up gifts.

At this point .. I have no idea how to post pictures!!! I think this may work:

5 tote bags ready to go!

different shot of tote bag

I actually got this fabric at Ikea for a ridiculously low price ... $9.99 for 10metres!!!! Can you even believe it??

I wish now that I had gotten more ... but ... I didn't. And of course, I went back 3 or 4 days later, and there was none left.

Now I am going to have to be a stalker in the fabric deptartment at ikea.

Anyhoo .. I am off to make dinner. If I am not back before the holidays, it's because I am a busy bee.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Brand new blog

So ... a day in the life of val ... not sure who will be interested, but I really enjoy reading other peoples blogs - so who knows??? Maybe someone will be interested in me!!

I am brand new to this blog thing, and not sure where it will go. I feel a little intimidated, and honestly, I started this blog because I want to enter some giveaways (is that wrong??). I have no idea what I am doing, so it may take some time

I will try my best to get this set up and enter posts ....