Sunday, January 16, 2011

Swaps, swaps and more swaps!!

A new year brings new swaps! I am totally addicted, and have committed to 3 new swaps. Right now I have sooo many ideas running through my mind that I keep flipping from one swap project to the next.

First up, is the potholder pass. The theme this time around is monotone. I picked blue ... and this is the inspiration that I gave my partner.


The secret partner I got picked brown. At first I thought I had minimal brown in my stash, but I am pretty sure I had more than enough. I have been working away, and I think I have the tops done!!


I am pretty happy with them, and I hope that my partner likes them too! I used the tutorial from Twin Fibres for the one on the left ... and just used left overs for the other one.

I will tell you about the other swaps soon : )


  1. I love your inspiration mosaic and the potholder tops! I can't wait to get started on mine too. I have too many ideas in my head. I need to narrow them down.

  2. Looking good! I am still waiting for inspiration to start mine!

  3. Gorgeous selection of fabrics! Maybe I'm the lucky swap partner (I picked brown... ^.^)