Saturday, January 15, 2011


I like to crochet ... and since my daughter started in competitive gymnastics, I am spending A LOT of time at the gym. I figured I better do something productive while I was there.

This week it was a failure.

The actual product looks great! But sadly it is totally too small.


I only brought the yarn and a crochet hook - no measuring tape. So when the pattern said that the hat should be 3 inches after the fourth round for the right size, I had to eyeball it. I thought it looked good ....

Oh well, I am going to start again, and this time use a bigger hook. And bring a measuring tape!


I guess my nephew just got a new hat ; )


  1. It's never a failure if it will benefit someone. It becomes a successful practice instead :).

  2. Wow, even though it's small it looks perfectly formed!
    Kandi x