Saturday, January 8, 2011

Serger fun!

In a couple of weeks I am going to take a class at The Workroom. It is a class to make a t-shirt! I am pretty excited about it. I have sewn lots and lots, but jersey, or any stretchy material has always scared the pants off me. It always ends up stretched and yucky.

So .... in preparation for the t-shirt class, I just took a one night serger essentials class. It was great! I know actually understand how the machine works, and can thread the beast with only small amounts of pain. I also think I will have that jersey beat. During the class we made some rolled hem napkins. I had no idea I could do this with such ease!! LOVE them. So much.

new napkins

rolled hem napkins

I have also been slowly working on sewing the corner triangles for the quilt a long.

more quilt a long progress

When I started sewing the first triangle down I noticed a critical error. Sometimes I need to give myself a little slap and repeat the matra, measure twice cut once!! I made the grey trapezoids too small. GAH!! After beating myself up over it for about 8 minutes, I realized there is nothing I could do, so I will just re-draw the corner lines and go with it.

Oh well ... just means my squares are not going to be 12.5 inches each. They are going to be around 11 inches instead .... No one but us will know.

Finally ... on a side note. My sweet boy is 10 today. 10. It feels like yesterday that we were brand new parents with no idea how much love we would feel for this boy. We have a big day of skiing planned, and it's time to pack the car! Talk to you again soon.


  1. Oh I would love to do a serger class but we live 2 hours from town so I have to wait until the kids get a bit bigger. I love your rolled hem!!!

  2. Lovely rolled edge on those napkins. Have fun doing your t-shirts.
    Your finished quilt will just be a little smaller than expected but you could always add a 1.5" border to each the blocks before quilting if you wanted them 12.5".

  3. Wow, these really look great! I love the cute fabric!

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