Thursday, January 27, 2011

I really don't know what happened to the last week!

I think this week just disappeared into a puff!

I can tell you that I completely scrapped the disaster that I started last week .. and I know you all agree that it is better that way! I now know that 1" half square triangles are completely a bad idea! Next time, I will do normal sized ones and they will be just fine.

Ok - since that was out of my system, I needed a new idea for a table runner, and I really didn't have one. So I went over to the Moda bake shop and picked this recipe. I made this one a little bigger than suggested .. but the top and back were done really fast. Now, I have it ready to quilt, and I should be done in no time! It used one charm pack, and I just happened to have a charm pack of fandango lying around! Perfect! Didn't even have to buy any fabric. I really liked the idea that I could use up some fabric I had already!

Table runner front - take two

Table runner back

I also made myself a new scarf this week.

Can you tell this is a scarf??

I think it looks a bit weird in this picture, but I have yet to master taking a picture of myself ... so this is all you can see right now. I think it's called an infinity scarf. Anyway, Anna Maria Horner sold these kits on her site with the material perfectly cut for these scarfs (18" x 72") = but of course they were all sold out.

I really really wanted one - so I just bought two yards of the velveteen and two yards of the voile. TOTALLY worth it! I love love love the scarf. Not only is it really warm, but it feels dreamy too! I actually have enough material to make 3 scarfs from what I bought. Perhaps one day I will get to that.



  1. Love the table runner, it is so pretty! I think the scarf is super cute too!! It looks like it would be lovely to wear!