Monday, September 13, 2010

progress ...

Well ... a little progress has been made. Can you tell where this is going??


My partner in the Savy Seasons swap has a Christmas theme, so I am thinking these are going to turn into some placemats. I have lots of other ideas too, but not sure if they are going to come to fruition. I will be sure to show you when/if they do.

I actually created a mosaic of the things I liked for my secret partner. Pretty cool stuff huh?


There are so many talented people in this swap! I have to say it is a little intimidating at times. I want to make sure that I make something that my partner is happy with, but that isn't too much out of my comfort zone! I think I have a pretty great partner, so I am hoping to make them something they will enjoy and use!

Anyway, other than this, not much going on in my little crafty world. With the kids heading back to school, and sports starting up again, my sewing time is disappearing!! I am missing the laid back easy going non-schedule of summer already.

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  1. I have a question--I notice that your trees are sewn down the center and I'm wondering why you wouldn't use a rectangle for the center and then add the wonky sides to it. I've seen "your way" before so I'm wondering what makes quilters do it that way. always trying to learn something new...thanks!