Monday, September 6, 2010


Hey!! I finally finished something!! From start to finish, without doing anything else!!

I used an Oliver + S pattern called "a day in the park backpack tote". It makes a fun little bag. It can be used as a tote, or as a backpack. It has two pockets on the inside, one of which has a zipper. I love it!! I have to say that this pattern was so easy to follow. Sometimes when I follow a pattern, I have to read each step over and over and over, and still kinda wing it. NOT with this pattern! It is written in a language I understand.




I had a little helper ...


He slept beside me pretty much all day in a little patch of sunshine.


  1. That is beautiful! Well done, I am a ditherer and have lots of half finished things scattered about the place. It looks like a great size for me I carry all kinds of rubbish with me!
    Love it.
    Kandi x
    p.s. beautiful pussycat.

  2. I think your sewing projects are so beautifully done. You are very talented. What a beautiful little kitty to cuddle up to. I miss mine, as we are traveling.