Thursday, December 9, 2010

A discovery!

Our family lives in a house that was built in 1849. It has been slowly updated over the last 12 years. Room by room.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to re-do our son's room. We had painted it before he was born, but there was a blue carpet in the room that looked to be in okay shape, so we left it.

Well, this past weekend, we repainted his room, and we decided to replace the carpet with hardwood knowing that the hardwood under the carpet was probably in pretty bad shape.

My husband ripped the carpet up tonight and look what was underneath!


Someone spent a ridiculous amount of time hand painting the floor! Now, we are still going to replace it - it is totally not something that we would keep = but I thought I would show you all just for fun. Here are a few more close ups.



Each one of them is different! Crazy! Now, please excuse the dirt - I wasn`t going to clean before taking the pictures knowing full well it was about to be ripped out!

Now, I haven`t done a whole lot since the last time I posted. I had to finish up the secret santa project - and I didn`t really do anything else until it was done. I told you about that I think. Here is the finished project.


Now that it`s finished, I am ready to start Cara`s quilt a long!!! FUN!!
If only the fabric I ordered had arrived ....


  1. wow, what an incredible floor...not what you son would request thought im thinking! i love wood floors! can you just sand off the paint and use the existing floor? looks like it is in ok shape??

  2. wholly moley that is a lot of work in that floor. Yeah I am with Jenny I would refinish what you cool a house 1800's.

    Bathrobe looks nice!

  3. Wow, that floor is incredible! What a great thing to find under carpet. Too bad a girl doesn't live in that room, maybe she would like the floor that way.

  4. Can you imagine a women working so hard to freshen and brighten her home on the cheap or some husband doing it to surprise and delight his glad you took pictures,maybe theres more secrets to uncover behind walls etc :)

  5. OMG What I wouldn't give to have that floor in my house. My house was built 1878, I have most of the original hardwoods but nothing so beautiful as that!! I hope that you save the floor when you take it out.

  6. You are ripping that floor out!?! What a bummer! Move the boy somewhere else and use that as a sewing room!