Sunday, December 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to me : )

Today is my birthday : ) YIPPEE!! I like my birthday this year - next year, perhaps not so much. This year, I turned 39. I have no idea why the idea of 40 kinda freaks me out, but it does. I am full of great food, and ice cream cake, and almost ready to snuggle in for the night with a good book!

I actually did not sew today ... I was a cutting and crocheting fool.

I cut out all the squares for Cara's quilt a long from these:


and from these:

browns and grey

I now have 42 squares .. one step closer to starting to sew. I still need to cut the lattice strips and the background.

I have to tell you, I had a hard time when I thought about cutting them. I have been collecting (or rather hoarding), and these are some of my most sacred beauties. But we buy fabric to use it right?? I am still telling myself this over and over. It was a little liberating to cut into it. AND I still have tons left, so I will have more to use for lots more projects.

I will tell you more about the crocheting another day : )

Have a great night!


  1. happy birthday, val!!! LOVE those fabrics! <3

  2. Happy birthday Val. It's a great thing to share your treasures with others - kudos to you for being brave and cutting into your favorites! :)

  3. Love those fabrics! I keep seeing some of them pop up but they aren't in any of my LQS. Sad times!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! The fabrics are fab!!!

  5. Happy Birthday! What gorgeous stacks of fabric. Can't wait to see your quilt come together.

  6. Congrats!!!! And you are absolutely right , the fabric is gorgeous...

  7. Oooh, those fabrics are going to be gorgeous for that quilt along!! Happy birthday to you :)

  8. Happy Birthday to you! Let me tell you that 40 is not fatal. Neither is 50 (Yikes, who thought I would ever be saying that!) It is kind of liberating to be older. People expect you to be a bit quirky. ha ha. Either that or they ignore you. Both can have advantages. Don't fret about aging, just take good care of your body, you may need it a lot longer than you think.

  9. A belated Happy Birthday to you! Love those fabrics. They'll make a lovely quilt.

  10. Happy Birthday!! What a couple of gorgeous stacks of fabric! I know what you mean though- it is tough to cut into precious pieces you have had for awhile. I am 41 and I can tell you it isn't bad!

  11. A belated Happy Birthday!
    Lovely fabrics!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! a little late:)


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