Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sometimes when you mess up it's better ....

So, I made a bag today. It's a Wrap it up bag, from Penny at Sewtakeahike.

Now, I will start by telling you that this pattern is great! The mistakes are entirely my doing.

For starters, the pattern calls for quilting weight cotton. I didn't use that. I used some Essex Linen, some Echino linen cotton blend, and some canvas. Here is a close up of the Essex and the Canvas.


Originally I was going to use only these two, but at the last minute I thought I should add a little punch of colour.

So the first mistake happened when you have to pull the lining through the handles. It didn't work, probably because the fabric is way heavier than what is supposed to be. I tried really hard to make it work. So hard that I ripped the linen. Like really ripped it. I fixed it by adding a little bit of Echino in the handle instead.

Wrap it up bag

Fun right?? I am soooo glad that I decided to rip it : )Even though I cursed when it happened. I have forgiven myself because of the result.

Next mistake ... the strap that wraps it up?? Well clearly I should have made it longer to account for the thicker fabric. Result?? You have to roll that bag sooooo super tight or else it won't work. Next bag, I will make sure that I make it longer.

Wrap it up bag

Overall, I am super happy with the result!!

Wrap it up bag

I made this bag to swap ... but I don't want to send this one, I want to keep it for myself. So, I guess I will see lots of these in my future!!


  1. I now know the answer to the question I just asked you on Flickr! I love your bag and am glad that you explained the difficulties you had so that I am aware of them before starting!

  2. On the next one when you go to turn it, stick two of you fingers down into the strap. With the other hand, grab the bottom of the outer bag and stick it in your tweezer fingers. Pulling one layer through at a time made the difference between turning the bag in three minutes vs thirty! I too used heavier fabric and this worked great for me!

  3. I love the colorcombination. I don't understand Tara's explanation..... Maybe I first have to look at the pattern.