Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spicing up the Kitchen - Received!!

So .. I received an another awesome package This time it came from Amber!

Spice up the kitchen - RECEIVED!!

Rec'd from Amber!!

Poor Amber was soooo worried that it wasn't going to arrive. It took nearly a month to come from the U.S. to Canada. Now, I don't like to complain, but that seems a bit crazy doesn't it? I guess things must be busy in customs these days! We were both really relieved when it arrived, and it was worth the wait!! I am super pleased.

Aside from receiving this great swap - not too much going on in the world of sewing for me.

I started reading this book .. and of course, it's part of a series, and I can't stop! So, I have been reading. A lot. I am on book two of five. Which means I might be in trouble.

I will try and come up for air and drop in for a visit!


  1. I'm the same when in the middle of a good book. Everything else fades into the background until I've finished it and knows what happens!
    Swap goodies look great too :)

  2. You are still waiting on your PP6 package right? Gosh, if that one took a month, I can only imagine how long this one will take because it was travelling from a distance. :(

  3. Oh I saw that one on the sutk pool and was drooling over it! SO lucky, that's gorgeous!