Tuesday, July 13, 2010

wow! It's been busy around here ...

but sadly ... not so much with crafty goodness : (

My kids are up North at Nana's cottage for the next two weeks, which is great and sad at all the same time. It means that I have lots of free time in the evenings, and it means that they get to spend some serious quality time with Nana = but it means that I don't get to see their smiling faces and get squishy kisses and hugs. It also means that I should get some stuff done in the evenings after work, like cleaning and all the other fun stuff that usually takes a back seat.

We left early Saturday morning to take them up there, and we had a great weekend filled with sunshine, swimming and eating well!! But = no sewing. Our next two weekends will also be spent up North, so I will try and bring my camera next weekend to get some pictures.

We didn't get home until late Sunday night, and after working all day Monday, I did NOTHING but sit on the couch last night. THEN, I woke up this morning in a serious fog. I feel really crumby!! Kinda think I may have picked up some illness. I have a headache and I don't like it. BOO : (

I have however, managed to catch up to week 5 in the quilt along. Since week 6 instructions were posted yesterday, I would say I have caught up!!

Week 5

Also, since I like lots of pictures, I thought I would show some pictures of Murphy. He is one beautiful hunk of furry love, and since I posted pictures of Henry a while back, I figured Murphy deserved his time too!!


I also wanted to mention that I have received a few more of my swap fabrics!! I don't have pictures to show, but thanks to Nancy, Nettie, Sarah and Stephanie!! I hope I didn't miss anyone - I have done lots of swapping with some seriously fabulous ladies!!!

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  1. Your quilt is fabulous and your pooch is adorable, I could fall in love with him.
    Kandi x