Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It was a good mail day today!!

Over the last little while I have ordered a lot of fabric, and I have swapped a lot of fabric. Well ... none of it had come, so I had started moaning to whoever would listen about customs. I was honestly starting to get worried about some of it. Perhaps someone hijacked my lovelies??? BUT .. then I went to the post office today. It was a good day!! I take back most of the bad things that I said.

Now, I didn't get everything yet, which makes me feel a little embarrassed - but I thought I would share what I received today!!

It was a good mail day today!!!

Aren't these the cutest elephants??

I got these beauties in a swap from Lesley (THANKS LESLEY)!!! Love these = so much!!
Swapped from Lesley : )

And what about this beautiful piece of fabric???

Blue seeds

Should I be embarrassed yet??

Well there are still three more pictures ...

I bought this next fabric because I did a swap with someone, and I said I had Tangerine dots - Amy Butler, which I did - but I had the Tangerine from the Love line, and she wanted the Tangerine from the Lotus line. I didn't realize until after the fabric had gone out in the mail. I panicked and bought this in case she wasn't happy with the Tangerine from the Love line. Now, she was happy, so I bought this for no reason = but, now that I have it, I am not concerned about that one little bit!

Tangerine dots

And finally .. there is this ... from Jenny. Such a sweetheart!! She knew a place that had this on sale. She went shopping for me, and packaged up this loveliness and sent it my way. How can I thank her enough??? I LOVE it!! So - Thanks, thank you, and thanks again Jenny and Lesley, and the others who have swapped with me and I have yet to receive your packages!!

1974 - From Jenny

1974 - From Jenny

Okay - that's all for today : ) When more arrives, if I am not too embarrased, I will show you the rest.


  1. You did have a great mail day! Can't wait to see what you do with all that beautiful fabric!

  2. i just don't think a mail day could get any better than this Val!! have fun with it all!

  3. I am jealous of all the yummy fabric!