Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Starting to catch up!!

So, I have been working away at the quilt a-long quilt, and I have finished up to week 4. I am loving it!! I am trying really hard not to over think the placement of the squares. I really want it to be random, but I also don't want two of the same colour or print right beside each other if I can help it.

I should be caught up by tomorrow - and then I (gasp) might have to work on something else while I wait for the next weeks instructions!! I can't be doing nothing now, can I??

Here are a few pictures of the progress:

Quilt-a-long  - week 4

I love "andrew" he is sooo super cute : )
Quilt-a-long  - week 4

Quilt-a-long  - week 4

I have ordered some new fabric lately, and also doing lots of swaps .. so I may start showing pictures of fabric soon - is that boring?? I haven't gotten a lot of it yet, as for whatever reason, customs seems to be taking longer than usual. I hope that changes soon. It used to take 7-10 days for things to arrive when I ordered it online. Lately it has been taking like 3 weeks. For someone like me who has serious patience issues, this is seriously driving me insane. I need instant gratification, and I am not getting it!!

On another note altogther, I have actually started to consider selling some of the things I make. I have a few things to make for upcoming babies, but I have so much inside my little head waiting to be made that it has to go somewhere!! I haven't decided for sure ... but it is a thought ...

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  1. absolutely post pictures of your fabric!!
    i love seeing fabric piles!