Monday, July 26, 2010

and ... they are home : )

... the kids that is ...

Summer fun

It's been a quick two weeks!! It is once again, LOUD, in our house and so far, I am loving every minute of it. The kids had lots of fun, but I think they were ready to come home and sleep in their own beds ...

On a little crafty note, the table runner was a hit. I was able to finish up the binding on the drive up, and managed to sneak a couple of shots of it in it's place:

table runner

table runner

I really don't think Murphy wanted to come home. He spent the ENTIRE weekend chasing ducks. He did not catch them (thank goodness), but he tried really hard. The ducks were such a tease. They knew exactly when to take off ... but ... they kept coming back!!

chasing ...

Giving up

Since we have been home, he has barely lifted his head from the floor. Tired him out.

I will just leave you with a couple more shots that were taken over the weekend ..




Have a great day ...

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