Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pillow Swap

So, how's it going?? I haven't been around this blog much. I have been busy studying for an exam (blech). I have also been busy stalking other people on their blogs :) AND I have joined up for a pillow swap!! FUN!!

Now that the exam is over (yes!!), I have all sorts of crazy pillow ideas in my head. The hard part is = I have no idea what to do!! It is a blind swap = so you know who your partner is = but they have no idea who is making a pillow for them. Which also means that I have no idea who is making a pillow for me!! See - FUN!!

So ... I made this mosaic of pillows that I love:

Pillows I love

Pretty awesome pillows aren't they??

Anyway - then I had to start trying to figure out what to make for my partner. So I have come up with two designs so far:

pillow idea #1

pillow idea #2

And I think I am going to use Hope Valley ...

should I use this for the pillow??

Ack = I have no idea if they will like it !!!!

I know I like it - but that's not the point!! They are supposed to like it!!

I will let you know what I decide ...


  1. Wow, great pillow inspiration and you can never go wrong with Hope Valley. I signed up for this swap too and now I'm just waiting for my order of Nicey Jane to arrive.

  2. You can't go wrong with those fabrics!