Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hexie love

Well ... everyone said it was addictive, and man = they are right!!

I decided I would give it a little try, making hexagons that is. I had some scraps left over from the Single girl quilt (that I still haven't finished), so I thought I would give it a try!


Hex flowers

My husband keeps asking what I am going to do with them. To be honest - I am not really sure.

Maybe I will use them for a pillow?? I have signed up for a pillow swap. Speaking of swaps - I have been BUSY swapping. So fun!! I have taken a couple of pictures of things that have arrived .. but I will save them for another post :)

And just for fun .. here is my cat. His name is Henry.



  1. Swaps are so much fun! And those hexies will look awesome on some pillows!

    Speaking of swaps, I just finished a project using the fabric that you sent me in the fat quarter swap. Check out the final result (which I am very happy with) here:

  2. Lovely hexes! People will always ask you what you are making something into, I usually just mumble when they ask me. "I am making a (cough mumble) thing"

  3. Check this link out!

    I want to do this for each family member from their leftover fabrics.