Friday, May 21, 2010

What I am working on now ...

So, now that the sew mama sew giveaway is over, and the parcels are off in the post to the winners - it's time to get back to my pillow swap!! I am actually making two pillows right now. They both have the same fabrics, and now that I am looking at them, they are really similar. What do you think?? Do you like one more than the other??



Here is a close up of the quilting on one of them ...


I really like them - but I have seriously started giving myself anxiety that my partner isn't going to like the one I send her!!

Anyway ... on another note, a couple of weeks back I won a giveaway of my own!! A la mode fabric hosted a giveaway, and the winner got to choose a scrap pack of fabric from Hawthorne Threads. I chose to receive the "fresh" scrap pack. It is spring and all!! Anyway - it showed up yesterday!!! There is a lot of BIG pieces of really great fabric inside!!



I would seriously recommend this purchase!!

Anyway - off to do the backs of my pillows!



  1. i reckon the stripes are best but i would wear stripes every day of the week if i could get away with it!!!!! x

  2. I like the striped pillow more. Yay you, you won. congrats the fabrics are beautiful.

  3. great pillows val! i thik they are both terrific and would make anyone happy! congrats also on the giveaway win and fabulous scrap packs. they look like a lot of fun.

  4. Wonderful Pillows. I like the boxed one the best but the colors are magnificent together. I always have trouble picking colors.