Sunday, May 30, 2010

I should be embarrased to show this to you ...

We were having friends over today for an afternoon bbq, and I while I was sitting reading some blogs this morning, I looked over at my coffee, and saw this:


I kinda thought to myself, man, it's a little messy in here. Then I looked around some more ...



I seriously don't know what happened!! This is my dining room people!! It was time for a little (or should I say big) clean up!! So .. here's proof that I spent some time this morning cleaning before our friends came by ...



This is where I put most of it:


Yikes - does your craft room or "dining room" ever get this bad??

Before I realized what a mess the dining room was, I made myself a shirt. It was a really easy pattern called the "megan peasant dress" by Jennifer Paganelli. The pattern gives options for lots of different lengths, and also for different sleeves. I was able to cut the pieces and sew the whole thing together in one night. I still have to cut some threads, but here she is:


Okay ... so now that I have shared, I need to be clear. The rest of my house doesn't look like this!! : )


  1. Mine gets almost that bad. lol I love that top!

  2. funny post!! yes, unfortunately my sewing area does look like that--way too fact, more often than not. i get it organized and's a super mess again. nice you could get it fixed up for your bbq!!

  3. i think it's a sign of a used sewing-room it's a good thing val!!!!! if my sewing-room is tidy it means it's time to get back to work!!!! x

  4. If you could see my kitchen table right now, you'd know just how NOT embarrassed you should be!

  5. My sewing room is such a mess I can't sew! I need to get off the computer and pick it up right now.

    Cute top! I have 2.5 yards of little folks voile for a top and I can't decide on a pattern. Your is adorable!!

  6. Hmm. Looks vaguely familiar. The only reason I *know* this wasn't, in fact, my sewing room is that mine still looks like your first photos and wasn't tided by some magical cleaning fairy.