Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Now that my room is clean ...

What's better than a nice clean sewing table (a.k.a. dining room table)?? Since I had lots of room, I pulled these fabrics out of the bin to get started on something brand new.

folksy flannel

I heart Anna Maria Horner. Her fabrics are yummy, and this flannel is so super soft and cuddly!! It is thick, and soft and buttery. I am super excited about how comfy this quilt will be when it's done.

I got to cutting right away, and before I knew it, I had a nice little pile going.

starting to pile up ..

I also had lots of bits ... all this cutting makes a mess.



I think I have cut about a quarter of the quilt ... but my back is killing me. I should really get a table that is higher, so I don't have to hunch over to cut. I have seen others who have their table up on risers - sounds like a really good idea! But I think to do this, I would have to have a room that was a dedicated sewing room (and that's not going to happen until the kids move out of the house).

On another note, I am taking a night course, so 3 nights a week for 4 weeks, I won't be home. That means 3 nights a week of no sewing!! I am sad. I will totally miss it. I also find it hard not to be at home with the kids at night.

I have 12 classes total, and I have already started a countdown - 10 to go!! Anyway, I am going to get some kid time, off to read some stories!!

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  1. I dream of a space to permanently set up my crafting, too! Hopefully it will be BEFORE the kids move out, but I can't imagine it will happen within a decade (unless we win the lottery; which is difficult to do when we don't buy tickets in the first place).