Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coin top finished

I have finished the quilt top that I started a couple of nights ago. It was so fast! I didn't start with a charm pack, which is how I would normally do one of these quilts, but I still whipped this off in only a couple of hours!!

coin quilt top finished

coin quilt top finished

On another note, it wasn't the warmest day by my house yesterday, but look what I discovered!!

Robin eggs

Don't worry, even though mama robin was not very happy with me going close to her nest - she was right back on her eggs as soon as I left. She didn't really choose the best place to build this nest - it's on a pile of tarps in a temporary shelter in our backyard - but we will make sure we don't disturb her nest until her babies fly away. I can now officially say - spring is here!!

Mama robin usually comes every year to build a nest, but this is a new location for her. Usually it is in the kids swing set. This is definitely more sheltered.

Off to sew - have a great day!


  1. What a beautiful quilt top! And such a lovely nest photo.

    Take care,