Thursday, April 1, 2010

Done ...

Not done blogging, although you would think that was the case based on how often I am here. I won't make excuses, cause it's not like there are a lot of folks out there following me, wondering where on earth I am ...

Anyway, that's not what this was suppossed to be about. I have finsihed the zig zag quilt. Actually, I finished it about two weeks ago, and it has been keeping me warm on the couch since then.

Here it is :

zig zag

zig zag

And here are some close ups:

zig zag

zig zag

You can see in the close ups that I still haven't trimmed all the threads .. and it is covered in dog/cat hair. Sorry about that : )

This quilt started as a gift for a baby ... and then my son claimed it (can't really say I blame him), and we have all been snuggling under it on the couch since then. I used a high loft batting, and minkee on the back. It is dreamy.

Now, I have to make another one for the baby ...

Off to work, have a great day!!

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