Saturday, January 30, 2010

To embroider or not ....

Well ... I am undecided right now ... do I want to embroider some detail = or not.

Here I did one little row of embroider:

close of up red embroider on single girl

but then ... I thought I would add two more:

single girl with embroider

and now I can't decide if I like it ... here is a picture with and without the embroidering:

single girl

Aghhh ... what should I do???

If I was the type of person to move on to another project I would ... but I am not that gal. I tend to start one, and finish it before I move on. I think I am heading towards the plain - no embroider.

I guess I could sew the blocks together first, and then decide. It's just harder to work with them all sewn together. I will keep the one that I did embroider for a pillow ...

My husband thinks that the plain is better ...

1 comment:

  1. I like the stitching, but maybe you should save it until you start quilting it - it would be harder to quilt between those lines and not have them disappear. :)