Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pillow Talk Swap 5

The lure of another swap has sucked me in. I was going to ease off on the swaps, but I can't resist them.

I received my partner for this round of the Pillow talk swap, and I must say that this one is tough for me. Reason??? I was brainstorming to come up with an idea, and I am pretty much positive that the pillow I made is not something that my partner likes! .

I actually had trouble sleeping with ideas running through my head, and I woke up extra early last Saturday morning and quickly drew out my idea and went to work!

Start of a pillow

I actually put this pillow top together super fast, and before I knew it the top was done!

Pillow top done!

I really love it, and it has received some really positive feedback. But since I am not so sure that my partner is going to love it, I thought I should probably get started on another one ... She asked for bright, fun and cute, and I don't really think my first attempt met any of those requirements. So back to the drawing board I went.

I have really wanted to try a circle of flying geese, and I think this may be closer to my partners style.


I wasn't sure if I should do it with the greens all on one side, or mixing the green and the blue.


I ended up mixing them up, and then putting patchwork squares all around them.


I have started quilting the pillow top, and now I think I am going to add a little hand embroidery. What do you think .. blue, green or both??



  1. I love both designs. The first one is unique and I really like that about it.

  2. Yummy!!!! I love both of these, but the colors of the second one are more "me". Love the circle of geese, so beautiful!

  3. I really love both designs. I spent a while trying to figure out if the top one was made of tiny squares, but then I saw the picture in the window and realised it's strips!

  4. Wow, that looks great.Your swap partner is a very, very lucky person :). As for embroidery, since you have both colors in quilt I'd also like to see both for stitching.Waiting for more photos when the embroidery is done :).