Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Part two of the Urban home goods swap

I am still waiting (but not patiently) for my oval embroidery hoop to arrive. Granted, it is coming from a long way away. I just want it now.

So, to tide me over until it's arrival, I decided to work on another project for my partner. I am using more of the Anna Maria Horner voiles, but this time, I am going to make a pillow! Now some of you asked for a tutorial for a pillow, but I did not take near enough pictures to do this. I totally forgot! Anyway, I will try and explain where I am at up to now, and then for the next few steps .. I will take more pictures. What's left is the harder part anyway.

So, I want my pillow to be around 20" square when I am done, so I started with 9 squares of fabric, that were 7.5 inches square.


I made them into one pile, and randomly cut a straight, but wonky line, 1/3 of the way from one of the edges. I took the top piece of fabric from the smaller side of fabrics, and put this on the bottom of the pile. Then, I sewed the squares back together. Now of course, this would likely make a lot more sense if I had actually taken pictures of what I did ... so again, sorry!

After sewing them all back together, I did this again and again until I had what looks like a tic tac toe board. I used some sashing, and joined them all together ... The sashing I used was 1.5 inches wide.

pillow top

And then I layered this huge block, and quilted some straight lines ... It really just looks like a mini quilt pre-binding right??

pillow top

The front is now done.

For the back, I also wanted to use voile, but it's so thin that I decided to just layer it, and do some wavy line quilting. So, I cut a 22 inch square, layered it, and did the quilting.

wavy line quilting

I then I squared off both the front and the back so they were the same size.

I am going to do some piping, and an invisible zipper, but I haven't got any cording at home. So, before I can show you the next steps ... I need to go get me some cording, and an invisible zipper. Of course, that isn't likely going to happen until Friday.


  1. Hey, this looks fantastic! And how clever, I could do this as I can't match points to save my life!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this! Fingers crossed that I might be your partner because holy moly, a zipper is way beyond my skills! I love your fabric choices :)