Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fun new fabric

As I am sure many people can relate ... I have a serious fabric obsession. I sometimes can't help but purchase it!! If only the budget was limitless.

I also love reading other people's blogs, and today I came across some really fun fabric that I just had to order. It's from a lady who's blog is called The Silly BooDilly. I will try to post a link ...

The Silly BooDilly

(I can't believe that worked)

Anyway, she has some original fabric of her own design from Spoonflower. That might just be the coolest thing ever. I may just have to try that one day. Not now, but one day.

So anyway, I ordered some ... since I am so new at this whole blog thing = I am not sure how - or even if I am allowed to post pictures from her blog. Maybe I will figure it out one day. If you look through her blog - I ordered the blue bells and the orange grove. She shows pictures in a post on October 23, 2009. Very cool!!!

ta ta for now,

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