Sunday, August 7, 2011

hmmm ... something happened to July!

Hi Everyone!! I totally disappeared for an entire month. Sorry about that. I can't say I have any particular reason. I have just been busy enjoying the weather and some downtime.

I have joined a couple of bee's, and have been making a few blocks. Here are my completed blocks for the 4 x 5 bee:

4x5 bee blocks - All 6 together!

I am just about to start making some for the 3 x 6 bee. I started with a trial block in my colours:

trial block - 3 x 6

I think I will try one more trial before I make a final decision.

Other than that - I have just done odds and ends. Like these hair ties I made with my daughter last week:

Button hair ties

flip flop hair ties

I can't say I will be around much in August either, since we have two weeks planned up at the cottage, but I will be back!

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